Keeping it, Old School (Ki,OS)

‘Keeping It, Old School’ is dedicated to scanning ageing negatives, positives and prints from peoples personal collections. Discovering  images of immense beauty that sit hidden (sometimes unloved) in old albums, lofts and garages. 

The idea is to protect precious individual family history while also exposing a visual zeitgeist of a time gone by. These images can represent the past of an individual, a family, a community, an area and even a country.

The images are scanned to a high resolution using a professional photographic scanner and then restored and enhanced.

The process maximises the quality of the photographs, expanding the capabilities of these images of the past; giving them a new lease of life and endless possibilities in a modern world.

Circo Americano

A book of restored photos, capturing the journey of two young ladies in the 1960s as the take a leap of faith and join a foreign circus.

Flower of England

People of England turning the camera away from people and towards the inanimate vitality of flowers.