Goodbye England’s Rose

Goodbye England’s rose, is it time to say goodbye? Why do we persist to hold on to the idols bestowed upon us by the past? Are we destined to forever repeat ourselves?

This body of work focuses specifically on symbols of Englishness and their relevance in contemporary society. Sparked by the vote to leave the EU and the ensuing question of our national identity. Brexit for many was a protective move, to close the door from influence, to maintain and preserve Englishness.

You don’t need to see studies to know that as a nation we are moving away from our idols, leaving them to fall into decay. These images question the persistence of Englishness regardless of factual accuracy. I’m respectfully photographing their departure, the deterioration of tradition as it recedes into the shadows. Do you choose to mourn or do you chose to reject their demise?



daffodils 72dpi 800





Roast Dinner 72.2





boots 72





Bullets 76





pump 72dpi 800










Coal 72











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